The 音乐 Department at AGGS is a diverse 和 vibrant place in which students of all abilities 和 backgrounds are celebrated 和 can flourish musically 和 with independence.

The 音乐 Department comprises two full time 音乐 staff 和 one part time 音乐 teacher. These are assisted by 14 visiting teachers who teach a range of orchestral instruments. In addition, saxophone, acoustic guitar, voice, piano 和 percussion are taught.

Each pupil has three lessons per cycle in Y7 和 Y8 和 2 lessons per cycle in Y9. The subject then becomes optional at GCSE 和 A Level.

Centenary Concert - Bridgewater Hall, 2010

Concerts take place each term at school 和 concerts typically showcase approximately 200 students performing. Our choirs 和 orchestras have performed with other schools 和 we have occasionally commissioned music from a variety of composers, 比如《十大足彩平台》, 设置为学生歌词.

In the past, we have organised a 音乐 Tour at the end of the Summer Term. 目的地包括莱茵河, 西班牙, 法国, 德国, 意大利, China 和 the 英语 cathedrals of Salisbury 和 Durham. Every 2-3 years, 音乐, 戏剧 和 跳舞 Departments combine to produce a 音乐al. Past productions have included ‘Annie’ 和 ‘The Wizard of Oz’ 和 ‘Oliver’.



2021 - 22课外音乐

音乐 making across year groups is now fully back at AGGS!

在大流行期间, the 音乐 department offered year-group led ensembles 和 rehearsed a socially distanced 爵士乐队, 室内合唱团和弦乐团. We were very pleased to showcase a fully online 圣诞音乐会夏天的小夜曲 捐赠给慈善机构 帮助音乐家.

  一天 Time 的地方
尤克里里琴带 我的 12.30 – 13.00 房间10  
GCSE/A水平的作文有帮助 我的 12.30 – 13.00 房间9 梅奥尔女士
爵士乐队 我的 15.30 – 16:45 房间9或
萨克斯管乐团 星期二 12.30 – 13.00 房间10 McCallum小姐
少年合唱团(七、八、九年级) 星期二 12.30 – 13.10 教堂大厅 博伊德夫人
录音机合奏 星期二 12.30 – 13.00 房间10 年11
室内合唱团(九年级及以上) 星期二 15.30 – 16.30 大厅 梅奥尔女士
长笛合奏 结婚 12.30 – 13.00 房间10 年11
第一个乐团 结婚 15.30 – 16.30 大厅 梅奥尔女士
民间乐队 结婚 12.30 – 13.00 房间10 年11
第二个乐团 星期四 12.30 – 13.10 房间9 怀特小姐
“合唱礁石”发声组  星期四 1.00 – 1.30 房间10 学生领导
风带 星期五 12.30 – 13.00 房间9 年11
初级的字符串 星期五 12.30 – 13.00 房间10  一年12
铜套 星期五 13.00 – 13.25 房间9 年11
管弦乐 星期五 15.30 – 16:30 大厅 琼斯夫人
吉他合奏 星期五 13.00 – 13.25 房间10 学生领导
  Please see 梅奥尔女士 if you would like to form a new student-led music ensemble

Instrumental lessons are now all taking place as face to face lessons.


Watch our Virtual 圣诞音乐会 which went live on 14th 2020年12月:






关键阶段3 - 7-9年级



Each Y7 和 Y8 pupil has three periods per cycle at this level. Topics covered include aspects of western 和 non–western classical music, 流行音乐和爵士乐, 世界音乐(印度尼西亚, 印度及拉丁美洲).

Y9 pupils have two periods of music per cycle. Topics covered include composing 和 listening to film music, 和 analysing 和 composing pop songs.

We have 20 computers equipped with ‘Sibelius’ software 和 音乐 scores which gives an introduction to music technology 和 assists with composition. All students use the 音乐 听 Software ‘Focus on Sound’ to support their learning.

All students in Key-stage 3 are encouraged to join Junior/Senior Choir 和 any of the many instrumental ensembles available. Many students in Y10 和 above lead Student Ensembles.



Outreach Projects Which Link with the KS3课程

年7: Attending a Hallé Orchestral Concert at the Bridgewater Hall.






关键阶段4 -普通中等教育证书




This unit is based on 4 areas of study, with 4 topic areas within each AOS:

假如1 西方古典传统1650-1910

先进的2 流行音乐

先进的3 传统音乐

先进的4 1910年以来的西方古典传统

One 听 exam takes place in June of Y11 year. 外部评估.



One solo 和 one ensemble are recorded in Y11 和 the complete performance must last 4 minutes minimum.



2 pieces of music are composed in Y10/Y11.

One in response to a brief sent in September Y11.


2 pieces together last no less than 3 minutes.


* Sibelius Software is used to write both compositions 和 student must submit a composing log also. GCSE 和 A-Level students use ‘I Can Compose’ software which comprehensively supports their composing learning.




关键阶段5 - A级

Full A level MUSIC (AQA) – AGGS pathway




  • 分析
  • 上下文的理解


  • Exam paper with listening 和 written questions using excerpts of music.


  • A部分:听力(56分)
  • B部分:分析(34分)
  • C部分:作文(30分)



  • 巴洛克独奏协奏曲
  • 斯特兰德B:莫扎特的歌剧
  • Str和 C: The piano music of Chopin, Brahms 和 Grieg








Solo 和/or ensemble performing as an instrumentalist, or vocalist 和/or music production (via technology).


A minimum of ten minutes of performance in total is required (no more than twelve minutes).
This component will be externally marked by AQA examiners.







  • 作文 1: 作文 to a brief (25 marks)
  • 作文 2: Free composition (25 marks)


A minimum of four 和 a half minutes of music in total is required (no more than six minutes).
This component is worth 25% of A-level marks (50 marks in total).

This component will be externally marked by AQA examiners. Work must be completed by 31 May 和 sent by post/uploaded to AQA.



* Both Sibelius 和 Musescore software are used in our keyboard suite. Focus on sound 和 l和scape are used extensively by students to support their learning.

* GCSE 和 A-Level students use ‘I Can Compose’ software which comprehensively supports their composing learning.

To see our latest exam results please go to our results area on the website or 点击这里.